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Submersible Pump Facility


ECM Engineering Submersible Pump Facility includes a Pump Assembly Bay and a Pump Test Bay, providing a comprhensive repair and testing service for all types of pumps related to the Mining Industry.

Multistage Pump Facility

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ECM Engineering Ltd’s Multistage Pump Facility provides pump repairs, refurbishment and overhauling of industrial pumps by our recognised pump specialists, thereby increasing the longevity of your industrial pumping equipment. With years of experience in the mining sector, and our established workshop, with availability and storage of spare parts, a complete pump repair solution can be provided to our existing and new clients, with the added benefit minimum downtime and overall cost saving.

Gearbox Facility

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Our workshop is equipped with the latest tools and highly experienced personnel ensure a world class service and repair capability in Zambia for the products we supply. On site field service technicians are available to assist you with maintenance and repairs.

Gearbox expertise is not limited to David Brown products. DBZ can also repair the following brands: Flender, Hansen/Sumitomo, SEW, Bonfiglioli, Rossi, Brevini, Renold Crofts, Lightning, David Brown Heritage Brands, Benoni Engineering Works, Bostock & Bramley and GEC.

CNC Machine Center

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CNC Milling Process uses rotary cutters to remove material by advancing a cutter into a workpiece. CNC Milling Machine performs a machining process much like both drilling and cutting. CNC Milling is ideal in making angles shapes, slots, holes and curves, flat surfaces and channels. It is efficient in removing surfaces with high accuracy.

Hydraulic Facility

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The Hydraulic Workshop is equiped with a Test Bench and a Assesment Bay (Quality Control) to ensure that all repairs are done to the highest standards.

Undercarriage Repairs

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Undercarriages are stripped, measured, assessed and then refurbished to OEM standards or greater.

Machine Shop

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ECM’s well equipped Machine Shop includes a Vertical Boringmill, 1.5 meter Lathe, 4 meter Lathe, Slotting Machine, Horizontal Boringmill and a 3 Axis CNC Milling Machine.

General Engineering Jobs

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Technical Support
With our technical product knowledge and skills in maintenance and engineering we offer a 24 hour service center to meet your needs. We are also strongly supported by our suppliers so that you know your product is always in good hands. We offer warranties on original equipment and meet OEM standards.

• Equipment maintenance
• Spares
• On site servicing
• Workshop services
• Training

Boiler Shop

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Boiler Shop tools comprises of:

• Welding Bay
• 600Amp mig Welding Machine
• 550 Bore Line Boring Machine
• Bucket in repair process

Special Tools

Special Tools

Specialized tools comprises of:

• Spares 300 Ton Hydraulic press
• Spares Hydraulic stripping bench
• Spares Hydraulic Nut Cracker.